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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a longer or shorter contract than 36 months?

Different contract lengths are available, depending on individual circumstances. Please reach out at for more details.

Is it possible to reduce my monthly payments?

Yes – we can look at adding an upfront lump sum payment or even deferring some of the lease amount to the end of the contract term.

Is it possible to own the equipment at the end of my contract term if I opt for Lease to Operate?

Yes – at the end of your Lease to Operate contract we can provide you with quote to purchase the equipment, based on fair market value and other factors.

Who owns the equipment during the contract period?

The equipment is owned by SatLease Capital throughout the contract term.

Can I terminate the leasing contract early?
Yes – although the full amount remaining on the contract will become due and will need to be paid.
Can I suspend my monthly payments?
No – we do not offer the option of payment holidays or suspending monthly payments.